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Asian American Arts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Asian American Arts - Essay Example Before one can analyze Jang's contribution, it is necessary to understand his background; this facilitates an appreciation of his influences. Jang began his musical journey one year before he turned twenty. At that time, he was trying to familiarize himself with basic piano skills. Shortly after, he joined a Music School called Oberlin Conservatory where he sharpened his piano skills and learnt how to compose songs. This artist completed his studies after three years and received a degree in music. It is also worth noting that the artist was born in America; specifically in Los Angeles and was subsequently raised in California. However, Jang still stayed in touch with his Chinese roots. He draws from his experiences as an immigrant Asian American but at the same time acknowledges the issues addressed in other forms of music such as social injustice in African American musical expressions. (Jon Jang, 2002) During his performances in San Francisco, Jang highlights some of the hidden facts about China town. This was especially because the Festival had been organized as a way of paying homage to the efforts made by Alice Yu in China town. Jang has an amazing way of showing his appreciation and respect for historical times that may have been forgotten or those ones which had never been mentioned before. This is because he unearthed some songs like Reparations now and Tiananmen at a Jazz Orchestra. (Jon Jang, 2002) Despite intensive tu... Some enthusiasts have called Jang's music 'two flowers on a stem' because they believe he has stayed true to his traditions yet at the same time has encouraged creativity through improvising his dual cultural identities. (Jon Jang, 2002) Jang's creativity has been employed by numerous entities in the world of classical music. For instance he did some work for The Library Congress, thereafter; he did some compositions for Chanticleer and Kronos quartet. Some of his compositions have also been presented in theatres; he wrote a composition for 'The Woman Warrior'. (Jon Jang, 2002) In an effort to complement his contributions to the Asian American musical scene, Jang has received an award from his former conservatory. He has also received a Golden ring award and has also been nominated severally by Cal Arts. Furthermore, Jang has been appreciated by the Ford Foundation for the immense contributions he made to American music. One cannot cover all the events that Jang has participated; in his capacity as a pianist, Jang has been to; -Europe -Canada -South Africa -The US One of the major highlights of these tours was his performance at the Arts Alive Festival in South Africa. While performing, Jang collaborated with Max Roach. Jang has also had the pleasure of performing in the London Royal Festival. Additionally, he has been to Berlin, Zurich and Milan in his capacity as an artist. Paul Robeson has appreciated Jang's work and so did the president of the Republic of China. There are also numerous collaborations done by this highly versatile artist. The major artist he has worked with is Max Roach. He has also joined forces with David Murray, James Newton and Maxine Hong. (Jon Jang, 2002) Not only has Jang done some

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